Create a succulent fountain

If you have a dry fountain why not create an attractive display of succulents in your garden. Use cascading, rosette and clump forming varieties. Simply add some compost if the growing depth is shallow this is ok as succulents tend to have shallow root systems. Ensure there are holes for the water to drain easily. As each tier is smaller than the one beneath work on arranging your plants with small rosettes at the top of the fountain and work your way down. Try to pick contrasting form and colours of succulents for visual appeal. The best part of this design feature is you can use trailing succulents placed over the edge to mimic cascading water. Why not illuminate with evening lighting to extend your enjoyment of this lovely garden feature.




Published by

Kirsty Wilson

Horticulture is my inspiration! I am the Herbaceous Supervisor at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Photographer, Award winning Garden Designer, BBC Beechgrove Garden Television Presenter & BBC Radio 4 GQT Panellist. I want to inspire people to grow plants, connect with nature and have a positive impact on the world.

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