Edgeworthia chrysantha

This elegant shrub provides superb interest and fragrance during the long winter months. Edgeworthia chrysantha, also referred to as the paperbush,starts to bloom in December when there is little interest in the garden. This genus is related to the Daphne, another sweetly fragrant winter flowering shrub. People describe the smell of Edgeworthia as similar to that of Gardenia. It is typically a 5ft by 5ft deciduous shrub with papery bark. In Japan they are known for using the bark to make high quality paper. It can be tricky to grow at times but is definitely worth the challenge ideally requiring good humus rich soil in a sheltered spot. If you can provide this it will thrive and it has been known to do well in gardens, even in severe winter frosts, if slightly protected. The shrub has been known to do well in a cool greenhouse in a pot but just remember to feed it regularly. It can be propagated by seed or semi ripe cuttings during the summer months. It looks good planted in combination with snowdrops, crocuses or early flowering hellebores.


DSC_0383 (2)