The art of Kokedama is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and is a simple and highly adaptable design concept.  Kokedama is a Japanese technique that means “moss ball” – it is the art of binding plants to create string gardens and can be traced back centuries.  These living plant moss balls suit any space inside or outside your home. You can experiment with this innovative plant design – they are perfect for small urban spaces, the plants can live for years and do not require repotting.  To make a Kokedama you will need soil, string, a plant and moss. Firstly mould the soil round the roots of the plant – wet sandy soil works best. Then bind the soil ball with moss and secure with string keeping it tight. Select plants that are evergreen like ferns or choose seasonal plants and change the display more frequently. Then hang up with a piece of string in your desired location. Soak them once a week in a bucket of water. You can also add liquid fertiliser to the water to feed your plant. Have fun and get creative!




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